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Containere depozitare de vanzare


  • Depozitare in siguranta (rezistent la intemperii, securizat)
  • Usor de manevrat (se poate manipula cu stivuitorul)
  • Economic dpdv al spatiului (depozitare supraetajata)
  • Dimensiuni de 10’, 20’, 40’
  • Containerele noastre de depozitare sunt oferite spre vanzare la cele mai bune preturi

Storage/sea containers serve as returnable packaging for repeated use in logistics and the transport of goods by sea and land over long distances. They have standardized dimensions and features – they are manufactured according to strict ISO standards. Storage/sea containers are equipped with fastening elements to facilitate the transport, loading and unloading of the container onto the ship and then onto land means of transport. Wide and robust doors protect valuable content and also make it easier to load and unload goods. Robust, standardized, tight and durable construction are undoubtedly the advantages of sea containers.

These features and high availability of sea/storage containers caused that they are eagerly used for various purposes, most often as a temporary or portable warehouse for various types of objects and goods. In this way, storage containers are most often used by trading and production companies. Construction companies or investors often use sea containers as a warehouse for building materials and construction equipment.

Containere depozitare Mobilbox de vanzare

Containerele depozitare Mobilbox sunt solutia ideala in cazul in care aveti nevoie de facilitati de depozitare usor de instalat. Compania noastra va poate oferi containere rezistente la intemperii care satisfac cele mai exigente conditii.

Cui recomandam achizitionarea de containere de depozitare?

  • Celor care au nevoie de spatiu de depozitare rapid de instalat
  • Celor care doresc sa isi depoziteze bunurile in siguranta

De ce sa va apelati la Mobilbox cand cumparati un container de depozitare?

  • Cotatii rapide
  • Modificari conform cerintelor clientilor
  • Scheme individualizate de plata
  • Design robust
  • Protectie suplimentara impotriva coroziunii
  • Comenzi speciale (rafturi, iluminat)

Storage containers for sale at Mobilbox

Mobilbox’s storage containers are perfect options for your company in case there is a need for quickly installable storage facilities. We offer safe containers that fully meet the storage requirements of various sites.

Who is recommended to buy a storage container?

  • Who is need of a warehouse that is quick to install
  • Who wants to see its valuables secure










Sales of Mobilbox storage containers

Storage containers are available in various standard sizes and RAL colours. Storage containers are used on construction sites all over the world.

Mobilbox storage containers are a perfect choice for your investments, also if you need fast installation, relocation or extension of storage space. We offer you standardized storage containers suitable for storing goods and raw materials in different places.

Why is it Mobilbox to turn to when purchasing a storage container?

  • Quick quotation
  • Flexible adjustment to customer demands
  • Customised payment schemes
  • Robust construction
  • Extra protection against corrosion
  • Fulfilment of special demands (shelving, lighting)

Containere depozitare de vanzare

We offer you mobile warehouse solutions, which are ready to be extended at any time. They are adapted for temporary or permanent use.

The storage container can be used universally. We offer additional equipment for the container. Thanks to this it is possible to adjust their interior and exterior to the individual needs of the customer. In particular: shelving, lighting, latches, ventilation.

We offer new, storage containers and cheaper, but in very good technical condition storage containers. At the customer’s request, we also make modifications to storage containers (cutting out holes, inserting additional doors or windows, equipping the storage container with electrical installation, racks).

Containere depozitare de vanzare – dimensiuni si caracteristici pe tip de container


MX20 container de transport / depozitare

  • containere ISO cu dimensiuni standard
  • servesc pentru depozitare sau transport
  • etanse si impermeabile
  • Podea: Inaltime: 170 mm (± 5 mm fata de nivelul podelei la interior)
  • Usa: usa dubla de otel, localizata central, cu inchizator extern de bara cu protectie
  • Structura solida de otel
  • Manevrabil cu motostivuitor
  • Capacitate de depozitare: 33 m3/20′
  • Autorizare CSC la cerere

Schedule of dimensions



Pentru preturi containere, accesorii, va rugam sa completati cererea!

Serviciile noastre

  • inchiriere containere
  • vânzări de containere
  • leasing de containere
  • consultanta
  • proiectarea containerului
  • fabricarea containerelor
  • instalarea containerelor (macara, asamblare)
  • transportul containerelor
  • întreținerea containerului
  • satisfacerea unor cereri speciale
  • vânzări de piese de containere

Domeniul de aplicare al containerelor noastre de birou

  • birou de proiect
  • birou managerial
  • cabină de probă
  • camera de fumat
  • cazare
  • adăpost cald
  • atelier
  • receptie, post de paza
  • punct de vânzare, spațiu de vânzare